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Although it is Hublot Replica Watches,Hublot Replica,Replica Watches not the most well-known Girard-Perregaux collection Hublot Replica Watches, it is somewhat eclipsed by the prominence given its Laureato luxury watches family and its heritage Bridges Hublot Replica Watches collections. The 1966 collection features simple, elegant, round dress watches with a touch retro. The Orion is the latest member of the 1966 family. It's a trio of simple, elegant, automatic time-and date models with sparkling aventurine dials. The Hublot Replica Watches 1966 Orion Trilogy was introduced earlier in 2020. It is a stylish dress watch with discreet sparkle in rose, steel, and DLC-coated steel.The 1966 Orion Trilogy is available in three case materials, just like the three stars on Orion’s belt: steel with blue Hublot Replica Watches aventurine, steel with black DLC & black aventurine, and pink gold with Blue aventurine. Each model's diameter is 40mm. This is a modern interpretation of dress watch dimensions. The case is slim enough to be worn as a dress watch, and it slips Hublot Replica Watches under the cuff at 9.40mm.

In 1966 Replica Watches, GP presented the first high-frequency watch movement that Hublot Replica Watches beat at 36,000 vibrations an hour. It went on to win numerous chronometry prizes from Neuchatel Observatory. In 2016, GP unveiled its 1966 collection to celebrate GP's pioneering Hublot Replica Watches work in chronometry. The 1966 collection is known for its ultra-thin, round cases, elegantly shaped hands, and tapered hour markers. The 1966 collection offers everything you need, from simple time, time and date, date and small second, moon Hublot Replica Watches phases, full calendar, and world timers, in sizes that range from 30mm to 44mm.Hublot Replica Watches

Orion is the Hublot Replica constellation that makes up the constellation of Orion. It Hublot Replica Watches has two of the brightest stars in the night sky (supergiants blue Rigel, and red Betelguese). Orion's name comes from the Greek hunter Orion. With their sparkling glass aventurine Hublot Replica Watches dials, the Orion trilogy watches recreate the cosmic sparkle and beauty of Orion. Aventurine, also known by the name goldstone, is coloured glass that has a lot of reflective inclusions. Aventurine has been produced in Murano (Veneto) since Hublot Replica Watches the 17th Century. It can be red, green, and black. The dials of the 1966 Orion Trilogy featured blue and black aventurine. This was due to the fragile nature of glass. Even the rectangular date window was intricately cut out of fragile glass dials, as you can see.Hublot Replica Watches

The dial has the metallic baton indices at 12 o'clock, 6, and 9 o’clock. Hublot Replica Watches All other times are stamped in white. These stamped markers are longer and more slimmer than the baton Hublot Replica Watches markers applied and produce the perfectly balanced lines that make up this model. The star-studded dial is dominated by the leaf-shaped hour- and minute hands made of material that Hublot Replica Watches matches the case. They are complemented by the slim seconds hand with its leaf-shaped counterbalance.It is also worth noting that the brand name is accompanied by the "bridge logo" on the dial. This refers to the La Esmeralda Tourbillon model with Hublot Replica Watches Three Bridges, which won a gold medal in Paris at the Paris Universal Exhibition 1889. It is the first time this logo has been featured on a watch since 1966.Hublot Replica Watches