Hublot MDM Replica Watches

Hublot MDM Replica Watches

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It's 38mm was our Hublot MDM Replica Watches favorite size! Baselworld 2014 was a great time for Hublot MDM Replica Watches the Girard-Perregaux 1966 in pink and blue gold. After a few weeks of wearing this watch on our wrists, we felt exactly the same. This elegant, small and simple dress watch is a Hublot MDM Replica Watches huge success. GP has just updated the packaging with new materials, and a larger size. This is the Girard Perregaux 1966 blue dial in a 41mm case.When we reviewed the 38mm edition, we said that the 1966 with blue dial was a stunning Hublot MDM Replica Watches dress watch. It is clean, elegant, slim and perfectly sized. The dial has a blue background with a pink case. It was a faithful companion for a month. It could be worn with casual or business attire. This timepiece was difficult to find a default Hublot MDM Replica Watches setting. Two main flaws were identified: the small movement in comparison to the case's size and the white date disc. The other is being solved.Hublot MDM Replica Watches

The 1966 is now Hublot Replica Watches available in a 41mm size instead of 38mm. It also Hublot MDM Replica Watches has a larger movement. The 38mm edition comes with a 25mm movement, and the back is slightly empty. Girard-Perregaux selected a movement with a diameter of Hublot MDM Replica Watches 30mm for the 41mm edition. This 1966 in 41mm is equipped with the calibre GP1800, instead of the well-known calibre GP3300. Although the architecture may differ, both models have the same pleasant finish: polished bevelled angles and Hublot MDM Replica Watches straight Geneva stripes on bridges. The main spring is larger and has a 54 hour power reserve. The movement will also fill the case more effectively, which will improve the show from the back.Another novelty is the material used. The 1966 blue dial is now available with an 18k rose gold case and a matching pin Hublot MDM Replica Watches buckle. This creates a cooler atmosphere than the pink gold edition. It is still stunning with its excellent reflections and great ability to reflect ambient light. The case's material matches the hands and indexes.Hublot MDM Replica Watches

The date issue is now available. The larger movement places the date Hublot MDM Replica Watches further down on the dial, which makes it more balanced. The date disc is white, which makes it more striking on the pink-gold edition than the white gold.It is up to you which size Hublot MDM Replica Watches 38mm or 41mm you prefer. Monochrome Watches will always recommend that you choose the Hublot MDM Replica Watches smallest watch. It is more elegant, discreet, and more comfortable on your wrist. We do realize that the 38mm diameter could be considered a ladies watch, according to actual standards. The 41mm diameter clearly meets a demand from potential buyers. It costs CHF 17,700.Girard-Perregaux has seen a Hublot MDM Replica Watches dramatic evolution in its management, now under the control of the same man who manages sister-brand Ulysse Nardin. The brand features sportier designs and more modern constructions. The elegant 1966 watch is a pillar of the collection. Hublot MDM Replica Watches The Girard-Perregaux 1966 Blue Moon is a new version of the watch that was once considered a more reserved dress piece that incorporates precious metals.Hublot MDM Replica Watches

Girard-Perregaux's Hublot Replica current motifs include the "Earth to Sky" theme. Hublot MDM Replica Watches This has been used on many watches such as the bold Laureato Skeleton and the recently unveiled Laureato Absolute. This theme is used on watches that have dark colors and feature deep blue accents and dials. Surprisingly this combination Hublot MDM Replica Watches looks great in metal on sporty items. Hublot MDM Replica Watches The brand today unveils the theme on a completely different watch: the 1966, its iconic dress timepiece. It also features a moon display to keep the sky theme alive.The 1966 Blue Moon Girard-Perregaux is based on the 1966 Date and Moon Phases model. Although the Hublot MDM Replica Watches watch's Hublot MDM Replica Watches case, proportions, and movement are identical today, many details have been changed to give it a more modern appearance and a less formal look. For example, the 40mm steel case is now micro-blasted to achieve a Hublot MDM Replica Hublot MDM Replica Watches Watches matte finish and black DLC-coated. For modernity, the strap is made from rubberised alligator.Hublot MDM Replica Watches Hublot MDM Replica Watches