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Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches

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Giorgia Mondani Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches, a tennis professional in her teens, was one of the Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches top 400 players in the world at age 18. At 19 she left the sport to study and eventually interned at Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches Antiquorum, a Swiss auction house. Guido Mondani is her father, a Rolex expert and renowned author of Rolex books. He is also an avid collector. Giorgia was a part of the family Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches business Mondani Books and later became an accomplished author. However, her passion was to start her own business. Mondani Web was established by Giorgia a few years back. She grew a network of trusted partners and sellers, providing a reliable and safe online resource for buyers and Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches enthusiasts. Mondani Web, Mondani Books, and Mondani Books can be used to buy, sell, or just for general information.Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches

Erik Slaven from MONOCHROME Hublot Replica Watches. What was it that sparked your Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches passion for watches as a child? Do you remember a watch or collection that was special to you? Was it just your father's passionGiorgia Mondani: The Mondani Auction in Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches Geneva, 2006, was one of the most significant events in my life in the wonderful world of horology. It was not just my story; it was the whole world of auctions. The Mondani Collection, 309 Rolex wristwatches, achieved an astonishing total of CHF 11,037.278. Ref. 4113 was a flyback chronograph, which sold for CHF 738.500. This was the highest ever price for a Rolex watch.Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches

There were many dealers and collectors from all parts of the world in Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches the room. The two sessions were very exciting and they bid on so many watches. After that auction, I attended many more, including one year working at Antiquorum. I now attend all Geneva auctions every year. I have never seen a sale like Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches this before!Although I don't remember having a favorite watch in the past, I grew up with Rolex watches from my father's collection. The Rolex Day-Date ref is one of my favourite watches. Daniele gifted me 118238 in yellow-gold as a wedding gift, and also a Rolex Sea-Dweller Triple Six ref. 16660, 1984, that my Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches parents gifted me on my 30th Birthday. 1984 is also my birthday year.Your father is an expert, collector, and author of Rolex books. Is it possible that he was passionate about many brands, or just Rolex. Do I believe he was an avid collector of Patek Philippe as well? Did he also collect books and other items as a result of a Rolex lunar phase ref. He received 8171 from his wife in 1986.Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches

After Hublot Replica spending more than a year at Antiquorum, I joined Mondani Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches Books in the family's business. Because I loved and enjoyed the watch industry, I didn’t think about quitting it. I've always wanted to create something new and unique, Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches something that is my own. Mondani Web gave me the opportunity. My husband Daniele was the one who came up with the idea and took the first steps. He was the one who believed in social media, and created our massive network of millions of users and many profiles. It was easy to go from social media to a Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches company. We created Mondani Web four years ago. It was also done in collaboration with my parents. It's difficult to start and run a business in Italy these days, as everyone knows. We were able to grow the company month by month and soon needed to hire more people. We were able to realize our dream, Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches slowly, with the help of over 140 dealers and 40 partners. These include Chronoswiss and Antiquorum as well as Christie's, Bukowskis and many other trusted dealers.Hublot Ferrari Replica Watches